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Thames Valley Berkshire Skills Priority Statement - 2018

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP's annual skills report provides a comprehensive analysis of the supply of, and demand for, skills in Berkshire.  

Published: May 2018

Working Together

Careers LMI

Local Labour Market Information (LMI) designed to support and inform careers decision making. 


Published: 2017 and 2018 

Analyzing the data

Labour Market Updates

Quarterly updates on local labour market conditions, with a focus on the fortunes of, and opportunities for, 16-24 year olds

Skills Priority Statement

2018 Skills Priority Statement

Evidence Base (full report)

Summary report

Executive summary


Construction Job Family

Digital Tech Job Family

Education Job Family

Engineering and Science Job Family

Health and Social Care Job Family

Hospitality Job Family

Warehouse and Distribution Job Family

Careers LMI

Careers LMI

Careers in Berkshire 2018 - Presentation

Careers in Berkshire 2018 - Infographic

LMI for schools 2017 - Poster

Labour Market Updates

Berkshire Labour Market Updates

Labour Market Update - Q1 2019

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