Business environment

Business in Berkshire

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP's annual report on Berkshire's businesses. 


Includes trend data and details of Berkshire's leading and most innovative firms. 

Business in Berkshire 2019 Report

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Published: March 2020 

Business in Berkshire 2018 Report

Published: December 2018 

Business Office
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Innovation Spaces

An assessment of the availability and role of Innovation Spaces in Berkshire. 

Produced by SQW on behalf of Thames Valley Berkshire LEP.


Published: July 2019 

Innovation Spaces Report

Supporting Workspace November 2016

Sector Propositions

Reports that showcase three sectors in which Berkshire has a competitive advantage and is well placed to attract inward investment. 


Published: 2016 - 2017

Digital technologies (2017)

Life sciences and healthcare (2017)

Energy and environment (2016)

Business Rates

Local authority business rate data 


Slough Borough Council